A Good Day

Have you ever gotten so accustomed to one thing that you didn’t quite know how to act when something else replaced it? It was like that for me today.

For the past two months Lia has been having a rough go of it, and it has touched all aspects of her life. I would report for my shift hoping she would have a good day, or at the very least, a better day, but generally ended up managing one or more meltdowns or inappropriate behaviors. Some days there would be several. If only she could tell us what was causing her so much grief.

But today was a very good day. Lia was happy and playful and engaged. She initiated games and pretended to cook. She colored pictures and only licked her crayons twice. She sang the little songs we sing, and was literally rolling around on the floor laughing. Seeing her so happy made me happy, and it was a good day.

Now, I am left to wonder what was different? What can we do to duplicate a day like today? I may never know the answers to these questions, but that won’t deter me from searching. Now that I know these days are possible for Lia, I pray she has many, many more.


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